Monday, April 10, 2006

Help Me Answer This Question

single by choice or is being single the only choice?

how can you really choose to be single when all you want in life is to find that someone? that someone who will sweep you off away the search market.

single by choice, is there really such a thing?


Snowwizard said...

I think so. =) I believe na merong ganun. There are some that wants to be SINGLE because they set their priorities to other things like career or family. Others would say that they still want to know first what they are capable of or can offer before they learn/try to share their life with others. SOUL SEARCHING(?) hehehe... But while it's true that all of us wants to find that someone who will sweep us off away the search market, there are still those who are too afraid to have commitment or stuck in the stage called denial. Hehehe.. opinyon lang po.. ;)

MrDJ said...

yeah... we will always look for that special someone... HANGGANG KAMATAYAN! :)