Saturday, April 22, 2006

For The Fear of Your Intent

Got this from my friend's blog. I miss her ka-corny-han with Arlene. I wonder when will she publish her joke book. Miss you Katrina!


I kept my wounds covered
Kept them under wraps
From careless hands, burning touch;
But yours…
You left me a note—a beguiling anagram
I don’t want any more of your stupid games
Misleading words:
Spent my whole life mixing them up
Hope is what I have
I hope your love
To flames
From the mere static of your snap
You know your power
Over me
Perverse pleasure…
Lording it over…
Girls at the palm of your hand
I’ve been counting to three
9 million times
Waiting to jump out
Finally…the ground
Don’t tell me you ever cared
I can tell by the way you saw me die
And you moved on
After the last shovelful of dirt
Not a tear from your pretty eyes
Like the love that you sprayed upon me…
Do you know that I thrived on a drop for as long as you lied?
You said I was precious cause I bloomed
Though dried

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