Friday, April 14, 2006

A Few of My Favorte Things

I know it’s early to publish my wish list for my bday and for Christmas. Just have to jot down something so I won’t forget it by September and December. I might be saving for some of the items below but it’s okay if you could chip-in! Ha!

1. Trip to Italy – Okay, this might sound soooo expensive. I’ll save money, and maybe I’ll be on my backpacking trip by 2007. Want to come?
2. Apple UMPC – This thing might come out sometime in 2007. Samsung and ASUS are already selling them but I want an Apple model. And I know that they’ll release one.
3. Apple Video iPOD – Okay, a regular iPOD also works for me.
4. Moto Razr –Though people are getting crazy with the 3G technology, i still want a Moto Razr, the latest one. And I want it black!
5. Samsung Miniket SC-X110 – With the detachable camera lens!
6. Original DVDs – Breakfast Club, Dead Poets’ Society, American History X, etc. As long as it’s original.
7. Dog-Tag Army Necklace – Not a hard-to-find item. I’m just to lazy to look for one. And I want my name engraved!
8. Black Messenger Bag – Any brand. As long as it can carry my laptop. I have one, but I want a new one!!!
9. Tattoo – I’m not afraid of needles (yeah right), just want to have a small tat in my pelvic area (Chinese Character of a Fire Dog), and in my right shoulder (Tribal like dragon).
10. Earring – Studs will do. Actually, I think I’ll have another piercing before my bday. I won’t tell you where.
11. Clinique Happy For Men – Taste and smells like candy. I’ll be your Man-Candy! Hahahaha!
12. Anything Pink – In true tradition of one of the people at work who’s not afraid to wear pink, I’m looking for pink polo shirts, caps, shoes, ID necklace, and even flip-flops.
13. Nice White Sneakers – perfect for that preppy look
14. Complete set of Kiehl’s facial and body products – Just want to keep that young (hahaha) looking skin
15. list to be continued…

Anyway, with the things listed above, I think I’ll just get one item out of all the initial 14 items. Last March, I received my Money Clip from Jona (thanks thanks) and that was it!

Wish lists are like new year’s resolutions. You have to work hard to achieve it.

Let’s see what happens a year from now!

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ESM said...

i saw your fav things...

the best yung money clip. the nice one is where you have a money clip on one side and a slot to slip in some credit cards :) the drawback, people will know how much money you are carrying.

buy original DVD's.... sometimes you can get them as low as 299/dvd. lalo na pag sale. :D