Monday, April 03, 2006


i want a UMPC!

Okay. So I have not paid too much attention to raf’s emails and articles from our intranet. So what’s UMPC? UMPC stands for Utra Mobile PC. It’s not a tablet PC, it’s something between a PDA and a laptop computer. And I want one! Say goodbye to your PDAs, iPODs and even your PSPs. Say hello to UMPCs! By the way, the forecasted price for UMPC is around $1000.


Ang daming nagtatanong at nagfifish kung anong nakuha ko sa focal. All I can say is okay lang.

A friend of mine said, look for silver linings.
…try hard to look for that elusive silver lining behind dark gray clouds. There might be reasons why things happen...

So what’s that silver lining? May increase ako kahit papaano. And I’m still employed.

My focal review was actually an eye opener for me. Last year I experienced both ups and downs. Naalala niyo ba yung previous blogs ko? Wahaha! Nakakapagod basahin.

I’m an “over achiever.” I want to be not just successful but be known as one of the best. Non-stop, parang energizer bunny. Nagpatong-patong ang projects, etc. Yun ang problema, masyado akong nagmamadaling ma-promote. Nagmamadali to step-up. Minsan tama lang, minsan sobra na.

After my focal download, I learned that I don’t need to be in a hurry. Steady lang. Haha!

So, tapos na ang focal download. Pumirma na ako. Just like last year, di na ako nagtanong kung bakit ganun lang ang nakuha ko. I’m not saying that the focal system is perfect. Pero naintindihan ko kung bakit ganun lang nakuha ko.

Tapos na. Wala na yung kaba sa dibdib. MidYear focal naman ang pro-problemahin ko! At may project na ako. Bigtime!

This Week. This Year.

During the staff meeting, Momsie officially announced that she’ll open the EIT IE req within the week. Bigla akong tumingin sa mga mukha ng tao to get their reactions. Asus… lahat poker face! I wonder kung sino mag-aapply. I crossed out some names already. I’m left with 5 IEs.

Now I’m updating my resume. Resume with more details about my work.

I’m not sure what will happen in the not-so-distant future. Here’s my fearless forecast.

1. Last year, 3 IEs moved out of Intel. Aside from the 2 IEs that will resign in Q2, may at least 1 pang IE by Q3.
2. 3 IEs will be forced to take additional workload. This is due to role transitions, etc.
3. 1 expat be part of the CMO IE organization. Sana wala, pero parang meron.

Hay... ayoko na. logout na ako. Tomorrow ulit.

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