Thursday, April 13, 2006

Countdown Begins

If the schedule pushes through next week (and if my application be selected by the GLs and Ria)

Interview on Tuesday/Wednesday (April 18/19)
Deliberation on Thursday/Friday (April 20/21)
Training (April 24 onwards)

What's in store?
A 6 month job in Arizona for the multi-core processor development.

The Catch?
Be back in the Philippines by January 2007.
Site Certification Activities from January - December 2007 (compared to a 3 month site cert).
PRQ on January 2008
HVM on April 2008.
Which means, after the job in US, i need to stay for +1.25 years before i can rotate to a new role OR leave Intel.

This is reality. There's always a catch. An EIT IE job will be a good exposure for anyone. This will definitely (if i get this job) test my patience with everyone. +1.25 years of Happy Poker-ish face.

Argh! Only 4 days of extended weekend due to the Lent celebration. Then I checked my email and saw that my boss will be out of office until Tuesday. And he's putting me in charge of the group. Attention A-IEs, we will have a "power lunch staff meeting" at Antonio's Grill in Tagaytay. We will just use my AMEXCO card, charged to Vince! Haha!

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