Friday, April 14, 2006

Clip and Save

3 Reasons why you have to get a money clip:

1. You'll look like one hell of a pimp.
2. Wallets in jeans? It's like adding an extra inch (or two) in your ass.
3. With money clips, you'll just carry cash... No credit cards.

History of money clips:

Remember your Grandma? When you ask for some cash, she'll pull out something out of her bra? Thank god it's not her saggy boobs. She'll have this safety pin with a small cloth pouch which serves as a thing to put her money, coins, and prozac. These "devices" now evolved to money clips. You can clip it in your bra or in your undies... or NOT. Just get some cash, fold it in half, clip-it and put it in your front pocket. It's more convenient! Now, i don't carry my credit card (though you can clip it with your money). I have not used my credit card for the past month. Yay!

There are 2 types of clips, the silver one (pic below) and they also have these in leather. You don't need to buy a D&G money clip just to be oh-so-cool.

This is also a perfect gift for your Grandma. Hahahaha!

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