Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blog Blog Blog

I started blogging in 2004. Around 2005, a couple of my officemates started their own blogs as well. Jay started his Yuan blog, then Van, then Jona (reborn!!!!). Trixy already had a blog (since 2003), while Elmer has an account in Multiply. Jason started his Friendster blog, moved to Blogger, created a new one, and right now, i think he deleted his account (i wonder why). Blogs is the cheapest way to get therapy. A place to rant and rave. Though some of them still wants their blogs to be a "secret blog." Secret, meaning, we don't want our managers and supervisors reading our posts.

My first blog was named MrDJ.blogspot. I changed it to StickyGumRice around mid-2004, then to Astrodeej around September. Then i closed it around January. Too many hate blogs!

So i opened JeepneyDiaries. Actually, i wanted a "functional" blog. A WebLog where i can post something about Pinoy @work and @play. But then, i realized that i want my old blog back but with minimal work related hate blogs.

I might start a new blog. I already have the initial posts for that blog. But I need to edit the weblog design, etc. Let's see what happens.

Keep on blogging guys!

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Otter said...

So you heard the rumors stateside the co. will layoff 5% of the entire workforce soon?