Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Awkward Silence

I went to Church last Sunday. Don’t be surprised, I was born and raised as a good Catholic boy. But let’s reserve the discussion about religion on my next post. Okay, so where was I…

Last Sunday, I went to church to say thanks to God. I then saw one of my high school crushes, M. She got married when she was in college and now has 2 kids. I’m the godfather of his baby boy (okay, I forgot his name… I’ll just call him baby M).

M: Hey, di kita napansin! Andyan ka pala!

D: Musta na? Kayo lang… (I was wondering where her hubby is)

M: Oo, he’s in Qatar. He just left last March 28. Di nga ako makatulog eh.

D: Talaga? Okay lang kayo sa bahay?

M: Okay naman. Pero naiiyak ako pag-gabi na. Alam mo na.

D: …

M: Actually di mo alam kasi wala ka pang asawa….

D: …

M: Di kita talaga napansin. Tumaba ka. Di ka na payatot katulad nung HS. You look good.

D: (smiling) Di naman. Kelan lang ba tayo nagkita, last June dib a?

M: But you look even better

M: Sige alis na kami, dadaan pa kasi kami sa mall. By the way, anong number mo, I lost my phone kasi. Here’s my number, give me a ring na lang….


Then after 24 hours, I received a text message from M.

“Help! I have an interview tomorrow and may 1 question na laging tinatanong. What is authority?”

What? So wala akong nagawa, I gave her some suggestions on how to answer that question. Then around 3am in the morning, she texted me again.

“Pasagot pa ng isa, kasi may kasama ako na magpapa-interview din”

Di na ako sumagot. Ano ‘to, parang HS, may assignment? Kopyahan.

Now I remembered why I did not took the risk of courting her way back in HS. Anyway, at least, she’s happy with her hubby. I’m not miserable. Someday, I’ll find someone who will carry my babies!!! Hahahaha!

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