Thursday, April 20, 2006

Arizona Trip???

The interview sched was pushed out...

- Panel interview – deliberation after – W16.5 – 17.1 (need 2 batches)
- Communication to the successful candidate – W17.3
- Transition & training plans to be finalized by W17.5

Wait. Isang malaking question... why do we have 2 batches of interviews? I admit, medyo kabado kasi sino pa ba nag-apply. Lahat ba nag-apply. I hope that my interview be scheduled on Monday (W17.1). I'm quite busy this week. Need to prep up before the interview.

While i was thinking about my trip to San Diego (sana i-approve ni KT), if i get the new job, then after California, diretso na ako ng Arizona. Haaay.... pero ayoko muna mag-plano kasi di pa ako sure. Next week pa malalaman yung new job, baka next next week pa yung sa San Diego trip.

Now, i need to practice for my interview. I know the questions that they might ask. Thanks to Con and Jesse for giving me tips. Con was sharing some of the things that i need to work on while we were smoking this afternoon. Then Jesse, with the daily questions - "Ano na?" Steady lang.

If the San Diego trip will not be approved.... May supply tayo ng siopao for 1 whole week.
If I don't get the new job, I don't know what will happen.


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