Monday, April 10, 2006

and help me answer this as well...

since when was "okay" okay?

was there a time when okay was okay.

for some of us, okay means "not okay or close to bad".

example: when people asks, how was your day, you'll respond by saying "it was okay" even if you just slept for 2 hours and working 12 more hours straight and just having yosi breaks every now and then.

another example: while trying to figure out what to wear on gimmick nights, you'll ask someone if whatever you're wearing is okay. they'll say okay lang. then you'll change outfits until you become exhausted and would just go with the basic tee and denim jeans.

another one: asking people about their performance reviews, they say "okay lang." either they have a good raise or just settled with what they got.

so tell me, when was okay really okay?

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