Wednesday, April 12, 2006

American Idol 5 - Hail to Queen

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Bucky Covington - Fat-Bottomed Girls

Ace Young - We Will Rock You

Kellie Pickler - Bohemian Rhapsody

Katharine McPhee - Who Wants To Live Forever

Chris Daughtry - Innuendo (highly recommended)

Elliott Yamin - Somebody To Love (highly recommended))

Taylor Hicks - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Paris Bennett - The Show Must Go On

I love Elliot Yamin's performance. Here's the original song from Queen. By the way, the link will expire in 7 days.

BY the way, Elliot is looking better every show. His stylist is really working hard. Though AI is a singing competition, seems that America is voting contestants with "prettier faces" but has karaoke-type talent. Look what happened to Mandisa! Grrrr!

Will be posting the YouTube video later


owen said...

thanks !
you're awesome !! :)
so sad the idolshow being suspended..but you really help though :) thanks !

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