Saturday, April 15, 2006

AI5 Results Show: Late Post

Sorry for the late post. I was busy updating my blog look. SweatPea got booted out of AI5. Next week's theme is Rod Stewart. Errrr... No comment.

Here is Bucky's "Bad Day" tirbute video.

Now for the vids... Errr... It's too large to download each performance. Anyway, as promised, here are some of the download link.

Click here for Elliot's performance
And here for Chris
And here for the AI5 Results Show (full vid)

Vid Links from Muse Bay and CKJuice.

Sorry, won't be posting all the videos. Just my fave's or at least the best performances. For more streaming vids, go to

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Zilko said...

Hi there... :)

I'm a fan of AI too... :) I tried to download Bucky's Elimination Round vid from ur blog but it is TOO large (around 225 MB). Would you mind to cut it and send it to my email ( >> it doesn't have to full vid, just starts from the bottom three standing on stage and several seconds later Ryan said the result, until the end. Just like the streaming vis in ur blog. THX a lot... :D