Sunday, April 09, 2006

AI5 News - Keep Your Mouth Shut!

I have the video here in my blog via YouTube. The post below is from OhNoTheyDidnt. Watch the video below, then read the article below... Then watch the video AGAIN!

Disturbing American Idol news

A poster on the official American Idol boards wrote a big message about how some girls in the audience screamed out racist comments when Mandisa was booted this Wednesday. Well the mods there are on a deleting frenzy but some thoughtful people saved the original post, the relevant excerpt of which follows:

There are a couple things I'd like to clear up for some of the posters who are doing their best to try to decipher the audio themselves on the video. The incident began exactly after Ryan announced Mandisa was voted off, as everyone began to either jump up in celebration or scream in horror. As you can see, it abruptley stops and if they had had the cameras on Ryan, Mandisa and Elliot, you would have seen Ryan look towards the back of the room with his mouth open and Mandisa threw her hands to her face and groaned..Elliot was quick to comfort her and you could tell Ryan was stunned for a second, probably fighting in his head whether to try to comfort Mandisa or continue with his monologue. The chanting that some people have heard is not girls yelling the racial slurs, but people around saying "Over Here" as they were pointing the group out to security. After seeing the video myself now, I see where some people have been able to point out a young man saying something to the affect of "I can't believe they just said that"..not to mention the mid-clap pause by Taylor and the shocked reaction from all the contestants, judges and audience members. (source:

And YES Someone posted a video of it on IdolForums.

Turn the sound up on your computer and watch for the following things:

1) A "blip" in the tape right after Ryan says Mandisa's name

2) The Idols on the couches have really weird looks on their faces

3) When they show Mandisa's family you can see a guy behind her mom (?) mouth something, and then a woman behind that guy looks over her shoulder and Mandisa's mom stands up and looks around to see where the comment came from but they cut away from her real fast

4) When the subtitle "Elliott's Mom and Friends" shows up on the bottom of the screen it really sounds like some girls say "Bye bye n*****" from the audienceAdded

5) Elliott stays on the stage with Mandisa longer than most contestants do when they're safe and he says "I love you Mandisa" or something like that, maybe to comfort her?

And you really have to Zapruder your video to see what happened. The audio is almost perfect but there is a definite blip in the video right after the results are announced. "Back ... and to the left ... Back ... and to the left ..." heh. If the video doesn't work there is a version on YouTube: You might have to download the DivX codec to see the downloadable version.

Sources: MJ's Blog and IdolForums (the video was originally posted on pg. 6 of the thread)

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