Friday, April 07, 2006

Ah... Love!

I’ve been reading this blog (thanks to Jona for the link). I’m really not into love stories and all that shit but this one’s something different. This is real life and is one hell of a roller coaster ride for Jeff, the blog owner. His blog is called “Set Her Free!”

More about Jeff – Jeff is from the Philippines who blogs about his sister’s best friend… who calls him kuya (~5 years age gap). At some point in his posts, the love of his life asked him to help her get someone else to fall for her. WTF! So Jeff started this blog – rant, rave and quiet desperation.

I wish I found this blog when it started. Surely, I’ll follow his blog, post after post. Like a weekly television series wherein you just can’t wait and check out what will happen next.

Anyone who’s interested MUST start on Jeff’s first post and work your way to the last entry. Click here to go to his first post.

I copied his blog’s introduction. Check it out!

I'm Jeff. I have been in love with one girl most of my life. Unfortunately, she was my younger sister's best friend and I was cursed with being her, ahem, "Kuya".
I decided to talk into the Internet void about my dilemma because between driving to and from the office, designing nationwide wireless radio networks, improving my badminton game bouldering skills and letting a 22-year old woman torture me, I didn't have much time to seek therapy.

At one point, she asked me to help her get another guy to fall for her -- which I did, being the dumbass that I was. When courage found me, I confessed my undying love, to which she said something like, "No, thanks. But I want you to be my friend forever." Translated, "Ew. I don't ever want to see you naked." I tried my best to suck it up and move on with my life; but it seemed obvious to me some things in life, like the ocassional cystic zits, are very difficult to shake off.

This is my story. Start from
the beginning.

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