Friday, April 21, 2006

Advil Takes The Pain Away

Busy week for everyone. Working on systems data population, capacity analysis, product health indicator updates, model change requests, what-if analysis, tester allocations, and some had minor screw-ups.

WW16 wasn’t that bad. Except today wherein I have to rush my data population and projects in the new system. Crunch time!

One good thing happened this week albeit my insanity and post-traumatic episodes after working on multiple Microsoft Excel worksheets. My trip to San Diego on June got Ria’s approval (thanks Momsie)! I need AT LEAST one trip out of the country every year before I get homicidal! Jason and I were supposed to go to China a couple of weeks back for the face-to-face meeting with our IE counterparts but all travels were put on hold. For the past 3 months, I begun working with my US network and being such an “epal” just to be included in their projects but no travel plans were brought up… yet. The only way to survive a large company is to have networks outside your group.

I checked the names of the people that I’m going with in San Diego. Excluding the managers name on the list (I’m hoping that SP won’t join the trip… Jay was so pissed off when he heard that SP might come), I saw the names of Jowell (CMO IE), Alvin (CNO IE), Diwani (CNO IE), Cookie (dunno her group), and Ginoe (Flash PEED). Hope they get their approvals from their managers as well.

Next week is judgement day. Interviews for the new position will start and end on Monday. It has been a while when I had my job interview. I wonder how they will interview me on Monday. Do I need to wear my best set of clothes on Monday (dress to impress)? Hahaha! Will they ask me to sing in front of them and get pimping comments (Randy), useless comments (Paula) and sarcastic remarks (Simon)? I’m not sure how I will prepare myself. Will I pass the one-shot interview? How does this work? Yeah, I’m getting paranoid. I’m having a huge headache… need to take my Advil!

What happens after the interview will be the 1st turning point of my career. It’s GO or NO-GO. It’s Plan A versus Plan B. If Plan A is a Go, Plan B is a No-Go and vice versa. A = -1*B

For now, I just need to have a list of things to do when I get to San Diego. Getting drunk is on top of the list.

*By the way, does anyone know any college which offers short courses online? I want to take some short internet classes about business, economics, marketing or management.

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