Friday, March 10, 2006

Work Week Ten

I just bummed my way around work this week. Analyze this, what-if that. It’s the same. And I’m really getting bored! It’s not that exciting anymore. This is not the first time that I have to deal with tool degradations and weird what-if analysis. I really need to know when and where I will go after being an operations IE for almost 2 years. Everyone already had new jobs: Van in RRP/GP, Jona in Conroe NPI, Philip moved from GP to Operations IE, Migs from Test to ATM then back to CMO. Me? I’m still stuck in the corner doing the same analysis over and over again.

Since last year, after Jesse left for Merom, I told myself that I’ll be the next EIT IE. I made networks and met new partners in the VF so that I can have that “edge” when the Penryn IE opens up. Everything was planned. I took the Chair in our JIT so that people from ATD and AO will know who the “go-to” person is when they need to talk to CPU folks. I had connections with the system folks for VF projects. I worked with CPU finance (I really don’t like working with them), with ATD IEs, with EITs. But right now, I’m not sure if these can still help me out. No f*cking idea.

The Penryn IE position will be in jobs online, soon. The project will be from June to November (or July to December). I’m taking a big risk on this position. I maybe the youngest EIT. All I can do is to wait for the open req, apply for it, and hope that I get the job.

Okay, so that’s Plan A. If it fails (I hope not!), then I just have to wait for the GLs and Ria to decide where to put me. I already told Vince that I want to get a new job. Sometime in Q3 or earlier. But the question is, will I like the job?

I really need to talk to Vince next week. I need to know their plans for me. I really need to get a new job!

Oh well.




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