Friday, March 10, 2006

On Call

The Philippines is now becoming a call-center nation.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Just my personal observation. Why work at a call center?

I was interviewed at Convergys Makati. Actually, I just tried it out. Some prep-interview. Practice. Hahaha! The practical exam was weird. I was asked to answer a call, work with the simulation program. Call-center nga.

The pay is good for a call center job. Patayan nga lang sa oras since most call centers are on grave yard shifts. I believe that the minimum salary is 15K + commissions when you have outgoing calls (aka telemarketing).

Skills? Well, basic English, good enough accent, logic. Maybe if you want to be the team leader, you need some people and leadership skills.

Pero, for me, this is a brain drain job for degree holders. This is a good temp job though.

I earned my BS degree. I majored in IE. 5 years in college (muntik na mag 6 years).

But who’s to blame? How many jobs are available for college grads. Most companies only hire top grads. Grads from UP AdMU DLSU. Madaming opening sa local companies but if you compare salaries, fresh grads might prefer call center jobs.

I don’t have anything against call centers or call center “agents.” But you just have to think for a second. Aim high. Nasasayangan lang talaga ako. Yeah, usually it’s about the money. Pero sayang lang talaga. Okay lang as a temp job. Or maybe after 6months, you’ll get a higher position (team leader or something). But sooner or later, you’ll be “stuck” in this call center industry and it will be hard to go to other industries.

Again, there’s nothing wrong in working for a call center company. But call centers are the hyped brain drain companies. You don’t need a college degree to be in a call center.

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