Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday Woohoo!


Battlestar Galactica Season 2 ended last week. The 20th episode was one of the best season enders I’ve watched. It makes you think of a lot of what-ifs for the next season.

But wait! BSG Season 3 will be back on October! WHAT!!!! October is like 7 months from now!

Anyway, I’d like to say goodbye and see you soon to my favorite characters:

Starbuck (Lt. Grace) – You look better with long hair. Halo – Sharon loves you. Sharon/Boomer – You’re a good cylon. Both you and Number 6. Number 6 – You’re one hot cylon! President Balthar – You’re such an asshole, you psycho! Admiral Adama – Shave that mustache in season 3 okay! Commander Lee Adama/Apollo – Good luck with Pegasus

And in memory for those who died in season 2 (especially Billy), you’ve done a good job in BSG. Until then, see you soon BSG. See you soon!


When 1 show ends (temporarily), 2 comes back. Prison Break will be back on March20! Wentworth Miller is back! The totally suspenseful TV show is back! OMG, after the last episode (that stupid pipe… grrrrrr), will they break out of prison? Just a thought, if they eventually break out of jail, I believe the TV show will end. Kasi nga Prison Break ang title ng show.

Alias season 5 will be back in April. This time, with the kick-ass Sydney Bristow back into high kicking action!


It’s one of the best One Tree Hill episode! The best in Season 3. It’s completely different from the regular plotlines of OTH. The show is about the different POVs of Highschool students.

This is such a big risk for the OTH production staff. Completely tapping to the consciousness of Highschool students, their parents and their teachers. Welcome to the gruesome world of American Highschool.

The jocks, the cheerleaders, the popular kids, the geeks, and the non-existents.

Why do we bully people in Highschool? Completely ignore the weird students? What goes in the minds of these students?

I’m guilty of bullying and making fun of a lot of people when I was in Highschool. You don’t need to psycho-analyze it.

“It’s Highschool, you just have to pass it.”
“Life gets better after Highschool”

Highschool. It’s the place where you’ll first learn no survive.

Now, not related to the episode’s theme… I love the Peyton + Lucas scene. Yeah, Brooke is a nice girl, but I love the rocker chick Peyton. And Dan Scott… YOU’RE SUCH AN ASSHOLE!


When 1266 comes to CV, the assembly area will change 360!Almost all of the tools need to be upgraded. All New Generation Tools. Then there’s the sprux module. WHAT?! This 1266 EI role that will open in the future, I have some advantages on getting this job. I;ve been working for assembly for almost 2 years. And since majority of changes will happen in assembly, they’ll need someone who’s been an A-IE for DP-Assy-Finish. Anyway, I still need to work on the Test-PPV-Burnin + Capacity part if I want to get this job.

IF I want to get this job….

Dear happy-pill-overdosed-goldfish in the algae infested aquarium,

First there was chuva, then chorva. What is sheda? Is sheda related to them? Trixy said that it’s the lingo for shut-up. Is it? Isn’t it?

Posted by DJ while watching "It's a Guy Thing" starring Julia Stiles

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