Monday, March 27, 2006

FOCAL DL Tomorrow

So what's a FOCAL DL?

It's what we call the annual performance review.

You'll be ranked and rated.

IR - Improvement Required (you need an updated resume)
BE - Below Expectations (which just means what you did last year was not enough)
S - Successful (So-so job performance)
EE - Exceeding Expectations (you've done more than what was asked)
O - Oustanding (you need to be promoted so that next FOCAL, you'll be ranked/rated as S)

Let's just wait and see. I'll put my poker face on tomorrow (jowell's not a good example for poker faces). I just want to know how i faired last year.

Make it quick like a band aid from a fresh wound.

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awimawek said...

taken from episode 21...season 2