Thursday, March 30, 2006

Focal Bokal

Let's review last year's events:

Note: Some parts were exaggerated... to give more color and excitement.

Boss: What to do you think? What rating would you give yourself?

Me: O. Outstanding. I've done a lot considering that this is my first job. I only got 2 weeks of training (and it sucks). I resolved a major issue in my first 2 months, I've done a lot.

Boss: Comparing yourself to everyone in our department, what do you thing will be your rating.

Me: O.

Focal Review (2005)

While my boss is downloading the focal results, i was so sleepy. I yawned, i have to pinch myself a couple of times just to stay awake. Seriously, I really don't care (at that point) what my final review was. I just want to cut to the chase. I want t know my increase.

And so, i was rated XXX last year. My boss discussed my increase and how they arrived on that %increase. I think that the focal DL lasted around 30mins (or less). He asked me if i have any questions. I said nothing, i was so sleepy.

Actually, i already anticiapted the script. Reasons why i almost had an XXX rating. Why i should be thankful with the %increase. Etc. I was quite disappointed since i worked really hard. But everyone did worked as hard as i am that year. However, I'm not sure if they considered my "tenure" here. My first 6 months of working, no prior experience. I am dispensable.

I enjoyed the %increase.

Focal 2006

The anticipation is killing me. Almost everyone had their focal DL. I have not seen people cheering about their Focal DL (well, since the results is stricly confidential). I asked a couple of people. Their usual response, "Ok lang." Good Sign? Bad Sign?

People expected much this year. Business was really good last 2005. The IEs worked really hard. Well, except for a couple of IEs.

I read Yuan's blog, regarding %increases from other companies. Yeah, it's quite low. But the basic salary for these companies is 3-4x higher. Ok, so someone from CompenBen will tell me, it's not the same since you cannot compare 2 companies in different industries. Point taken.

But still, if we're taking more than 90% of the market share, is it fair to compare our salaries to the other companies which only has 10% market share? We work harder. We earn more.

Even the benefits suck. No dependents for single employees. Did they really looked into the Philippine Culture wherein kids will work hard to support their parents and siblings?

I'm just waiting for my Focal DL. What matters most to me is my rating and not the %increase (seriously? hmmm... 50/50). I want to know how my boss defended me in getting the top rating. Surely, I'll be surprised. Hopefully, happily surprised. In 2005, i worked harded, i was on the edge of burning out but was able to turn myself around and performed better than i expected. I know that what i did last year will not be just be a part of my history (and my resume). It should mean something. It should have some value. Some tangible value that i can (or will try to) enjoy this year.

I'm still being optimistic. Let's just wait and see...

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