Tuesday, March 21, 2006

DJ Who?

Jowee, thanks for the Friendster Testi :)

JowEE Posted 03/20/2006
DJ...the person who refuses to slow down, and why the hell should he???

Living life in the fastlane is this guy's M.O. You'll only find him stop for coffee or smokes (preferably both at the same time)

One might say that if life is a dance floor...THEN IT'S ONE SUCKY TUNE WE'RE ALL DANCING TO...but DJ takes it all in stride. Strutting his stuff like there's simply no tomorrow

....and the cool thing is...he has every right to. After all, he has earned it!

DJ in a nutshell: "a whirlwind on activities running on meth...nah...make that high-fuckin-octane gas! He's got ice running through his veins!"

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