Thursday, March 30, 2006

Big Q

(Since Jay has his Dear Fish, Trixy with Dear Shark, and Van with Dear McDeary, I'll have...)

Dear Fudge,

What to do? What to do? What to do? I'll be around 2 years in my job position and i need to get out of it. I'm bored. Quoting Migs, "I'm in this plateu, i need to go somewhere." But where?

Well, the plan last year was for me to get this EIT IE role for Penryn. I told my boss about it, i want to be an EIT and hopefully be the Penryn EIT IE. I maybe too young for the job (hmmm... will i be the youngest EIT IE?) but i know i can perform at par. I know, i just know.

I also told him that I don't want to be an A-IE anymore. I need to rotate jobs with someone. He somwhat talked about putting me in Tactical Capacity before getting a Strategic Capacity role. Hmmm... i'm feeling some hesitations from his side. Yeah, the EIT IE role is an open req. The manager will not assign it to someone. I need to apply for it and be interviewed by the hiring manager. Ok, ok.... But still, i felt his hesitations.

So i asked for training which i never had since we talked months ago.

If i want to get the new role, i need to work on it... by myself. I looked for connections (all ATD Area IEs, the MOR manager in ATD, the EIT IEs, even the ATD Area IE manager and Mr. Arnoldo). Will that be enough to get what i want....

Fudge. The Big Q right now is.. DO I WANT TO GET THE EIT IE ROLE?

I'm having second thoughts! Darn it!

Jesse, during the MORv, said that I'll definitely fit the Penryn EIT IE since there will be major changes in the assembly area. She mentioned it more than 10x (okay, now I'm exaggerating). She even said that the EIT IE will be open within this week or next week. She's been feeding me with information.

I don't know? I'm somewhat hesitant. Not because i don't want to take the role but there might be better external opportunities. Like this Logistic Advisor open req in the Carribean region, or this IE job in this other local company. I have not submitted my resume yet, but having second thoughts with my current company is a bad sign.

Or is it just another one of those quarter life crisis syndrome?


I need to clear my head. I need my advil and a week long RnR.

What i know right now is that my boss ain't helping us out develop our career. Our section has not developed at all. Where's the FAB IE benchmarking plan? The paradigm shift? Where are the weekly section meetings? Where's the new business processes?

Do i need to spell it out to him... AGAIN? I told him that he needs to work on our group's development last year... twice. Then last week when he asked me for my feedback. I don;t see any concrete plan. I already have some plans.

I'm not saying I'm better than him. I'm just a mere observer and I'm just applying what i learned from IE31 (organizational management and development). One does not need an MBA to plan an org's development perfectly.

Fudge. This post is too long. I need to cut it now.

Last thoughts:

Reasons why i want to leave my company:
1. Salary - I work to earn money (for myself and my family and my future family)
2. Boss/Managers (direct/indirect) - Don't put you're people in a box. They need to develop. We're not puppets on a string. HELP your people grow and develop. THAT IS YOUR MAIN JOB!
3. The job - A lot of blame-stroming from peers. No accountability. No proactiveness from business partners. And right now, I'm bored with my job.

Reasons why i want to stay:
1. The Product but not the Company - i believe in our products.
2. The Culture (well, not everything about it) - I don't need to wear a dress shirt just to go to work.
3. WLE - Volleyball, Monthly events, employee programs
4. Friends - I love my Intel Friends especially the "pasaway" ones.

Time will tell. Hopefully, I'll have my decision after holy week. I'm not giving up with my current company. But am i hoping for some big change from my boss, my work, and the people i work with.


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