Friday, March 31, 2006

Brace Yourself

I went to tita chie, my dentist, this afternoon.

I need a tooth extracted.
And I need braces.


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Big Q

(Since Jay has his Dear Fish, Trixy with Dear Shark, and Van with Dear McDeary, I'll have...)

Dear Fudge,

What to do? What to do? What to do? I'll be around 2 years in my job position and i need to get out of it. I'm bored. Quoting Migs, "I'm in this plateu, i need to go somewhere." But where?

Well, the plan last year was for me to get this EIT IE role for Penryn. I told my boss about it, i want to be an EIT and hopefully be the Penryn EIT IE. I maybe too young for the job (hmmm... will i be the youngest EIT IE?) but i know i can perform at par. I know, i just know.

I also told him that I don't want to be an A-IE anymore. I need to rotate jobs with someone. He somwhat talked about putting me in Tactical Capacity before getting a Strategic Capacity role. Hmmm... i'm feeling some hesitations from his side. Yeah, the EIT IE role is an open req. The manager will not assign it to someone. I need to apply for it and be interviewed by the hiring manager. Ok, ok.... But still, i felt his hesitations.

So i asked for training which i never had since we talked months ago.

If i want to get the new role, i need to work on it... by myself. I looked for connections (all ATD Area IEs, the MOR manager in ATD, the EIT IEs, even the ATD Area IE manager and Mr. Arnoldo). Will that be enough to get what i want....

Fudge. The Big Q right now is.. DO I WANT TO GET THE EIT IE ROLE?

I'm having second thoughts! Darn it!

Jesse, during the MORv, said that I'll definitely fit the Penryn EIT IE since there will be major changes in the assembly area. She mentioned it more than 10x (okay, now I'm exaggerating). She even said that the EIT IE will be open within this week or next week. She's been feeding me with information.

I don't know? I'm somewhat hesitant. Not because i don't want to take the role but there might be better external opportunities. Like this Logistic Advisor open req in the Carribean region, or this IE job in this other local company. I have not submitted my resume yet, but having second thoughts with my current company is a bad sign.

Or is it just another one of those quarter life crisis syndrome?


I need to clear my head. I need my advil and a week long RnR.

What i know right now is that my boss ain't helping us out develop our career. Our section has not developed at all. Where's the FAB IE benchmarking plan? The paradigm shift? Where are the weekly section meetings? Where's the new business processes?

Do i need to spell it out to him... AGAIN? I told him that he needs to work on our group's development last year... twice. Then last week when he asked me for my feedback. I don;t see any concrete plan. I already have some plans.

I'm not saying I'm better than him. I'm just a mere observer and I'm just applying what i learned from IE31 (organizational management and development). One does not need an MBA to plan an org's development perfectly.

Fudge. This post is too long. I need to cut it now.

Last thoughts:

Reasons why i want to leave my company:
1. Salary - I work to earn money (for myself and my family and my future family)
2. Boss/Managers (direct/indirect) - Don't put you're people in a box. They need to develop. We're not puppets on a string. HELP your people grow and develop. THAT IS YOUR MAIN JOB!
3. The job - A lot of blame-stroming from peers. No accountability. No proactiveness from business partners. And right now, I'm bored with my job.

Reasons why i want to stay:
1. The Product but not the Company - i believe in our products.
2. The Culture (well, not everything about it) - I don't need to wear a dress shirt just to go to work.
3. WLE - Volleyball, Monthly events, employee programs
4. Friends - I love my Intel Friends especially the "pasaway" ones.

Time will tell. Hopefully, I'll have my decision after holy week. I'm not giving up with my current company. But am i hoping for some big change from my boss, my work, and the people i work with.


DJ is listening to the following MP3s while writing this very (very) long post
> Be Yourself by Audioslave
> I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth by Fall Out Boy
> Coffee and Cigarettes - Michelle Featherstone
> The Mixed Tape by Jack's Mannequin

Focal Bokal

Let's review last year's events:

Note: Some parts were exaggerated... to give more color and excitement.

Boss: What to do you think? What rating would you give yourself?

Me: O. Outstanding. I've done a lot considering that this is my first job. I only got 2 weeks of training (and it sucks). I resolved a major issue in my first 2 months, I've done a lot.

Boss: Comparing yourself to everyone in our department, what do you thing will be your rating.

Me: O.

Focal Review (2005)

While my boss is downloading the focal results, i was so sleepy. I yawned, i have to pinch myself a couple of times just to stay awake. Seriously, I really don't care (at that point) what my final review was. I just want to cut to the chase. I want t know my increase.

And so, i was rated XXX last year. My boss discussed my increase and how they arrived on that %increase. I think that the focal DL lasted around 30mins (or less). He asked me if i have any questions. I said nothing, i was so sleepy.

Actually, i already anticiapted the script. Reasons why i almost had an XXX rating. Why i should be thankful with the %increase. Etc. I was quite disappointed since i worked really hard. But everyone did worked as hard as i am that year. However, I'm not sure if they considered my "tenure" here. My first 6 months of working, no prior experience. I am dispensable.

I enjoyed the %increase.

Focal 2006

The anticipation is killing me. Almost everyone had their focal DL. I have not seen people cheering about their Focal DL (well, since the results is stricly confidential). I asked a couple of people. Their usual response, "Ok lang." Good Sign? Bad Sign?

People expected much this year. Business was really good last 2005. The IEs worked really hard. Well, except for a couple of IEs.

I read Yuan's blog, regarding %increases from other companies. Yeah, it's quite low. But the basic salary for these companies is 3-4x higher. Ok, so someone from CompenBen will tell me, it's not the same since you cannot compare 2 companies in different industries. Point taken.

But still, if we're taking more than 90% of the market share, is it fair to compare our salaries to the other companies which only has 10% market share? We work harder. We earn more.

Even the benefits suck. No dependents for single employees. Did they really looked into the Philippine Culture wherein kids will work hard to support their parents and siblings?

I'm just waiting for my Focal DL. What matters most to me is my rating and not the %increase (seriously? hmmm... 50/50). I want to know how my boss defended me in getting the top rating. Surely, I'll be surprised. Hopefully, happily surprised. In 2005, i worked harded, i was on the edge of burning out but was able to turn myself around and performed better than i expected. I know that what i did last year will not be just be a part of my history (and my resume). It should mean something. It should have some value. Some tangible value that i can (or will try to) enjoy this year.

I'm still being optimistic. Let's just wait and see...

Young Tucker McPhee

AMERICA? What happened? Why did you put McPhee on the bottom 3?

Anyway, Lisa got eliminated. Thank God! :)

Here's the Ford Commercial. Taylor Hicks dancing with granny! Wahahaha!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Tuesday - Phillip was done with his Focal DL
Wednesday - Jason... done Wednesday

That leaves 3 A-IEs without any clue about our Focal results.

Save the best for Last?
Losers Finishes Last?

OMG! WTF! Nyeta Sheda!

I've been hearing that this year, when you receive an S, the % increase is quite low (compared last year). What's up with that?

I just hope i get a good one... a better focal result this year. Too many bills to pay. Not to mention e-VAT!

Let's just cut to the chase. Let's talk about money. How much increase will I be getting this year boss?

Yamin McPheever

Best performances!

Elliot Yamin - "I Don't Wanna Be" (Originally by Gavin DeGraw)
Randy : I wasn't quite sure about the arrangement but this boy can sing.
Paula : I loved the arrangement. You are one funky white boy
Simon : Great song, terrible arrangement, good vocal.

Katharine McPhee - "The Voice Within" (originally by Cristina Aguilera)
Randy : One of your biggest fans. You sang it just like the record.
Paula : Change it up, you were your best. I think Christina would feel honored.
Simon : I think it was the best tonight and "Almost" as good as Christina.

AI5: 21st Century

MP3s from Rickey. Sorry, no Lisa Tucker mp3s... I'll try to look for one. By the way, for those downloading previous MP3s (Top12/Top11), there are some problems with the IdoloShow links. It's better to use the first batch of links.

Ace Young - Drops of Jupiter
Kellie Pickler - Suds in the Bucket
Taylor Hicks - Trouble
Mandisa - Wanna Praise You
Chris Daughtry - What If
Katharine McPhee - The Voice Within
Bucky Covington - Real Good Man
Ellion Yamin - I Don't Want To Be
Paris Bennett - Work It Out

CMO IE Hunks

Thanks to Ian... CMO IE Babes will be posted tomorrow. Yung kay Migs bukas na lang din daw sabi ni Ian. Buti na lang di pikon yung mga nominees... Kasi baka ma-ODI pa kami. Wahahaha!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

All You Have To Do Is Cry...

*right click and save as

Joshua Radin

So, we're alone again
i wish it were over
we seem to never end
only get closer
to the point where i can take no more

the clouds in your eyes
down your face they pour
won't you be the new one burn to shine
i take the blue ones every time
walk me down your broken line
all you have to do is cry

hush my baby now
your talking is just noise and won't lay me down amongst
your toys in a room where i can take no more

the clouds in your eyes
down your face they pour
won't you be the new one burn to shine
i take the blue ones every time
walk me down your broken line
all you have to do is cry

photographs and brightly colored paper
are your mask you wear in this caper
that is our life
we walk right into the strife
and a tear from your eye brings me home

the clouds in your eyes d
own your face they pour
won't you be the new one burn to shine
i take the blue ones every time
walk me down your broken line
all you have to do is cry

Whois #2

Monday, March 27, 2006

Whois #1

Now, who's this guy? Nice hair dude.... hahaha.

Actually, this picture was taken last 1988.

Now, he's taking one of the lead roles if this US TV Show.

Guess who? :)

Answer - Yup... It's Peter Dempsey, Grey's Anatomy's McDreamy... Weird hairdo... :)

FOCAL DL Tomorrow

So what's a FOCAL DL?

It's what we call the annual performance review.

You'll be ranked and rated.

IR - Improvement Required (you need an updated resume)
BE - Below Expectations (which just means what you did last year was not enough)
S - Successful (So-so job performance)
EE - Exceeding Expectations (you've done more than what was asked)
O - Oustanding (you need to be promoted so that next FOCAL, you'll be ranked/rated as S)

Let's just wait and see. I'll put my poker face on tomorrow (jowell's not a good example for poker faces). I just want to know how i faired last year.

Make it quick like a band aid from a fresh wound.

Silver Linings

People might not see me as an eternal optimist. I try hard to look for that elusive silver lining behind dark gray clouds amidst a stormy season. There might be reasons why things happen. But at some point, all we can see are dark gray clouds just waiting to pour cold rain along the path that I’m taking. Even if the sky won’t clear out and the needle-like drops of rain fall, I still hope that a silver lining comes along.

I’m always on the look out for the next job to take. This time, I want to do something that I really want to do in which I will not force myself to the point of getting all stressed or wrinkled out by time.

And this week, a silver lining will come my way. I heard that a new position (the one that I’m waiting for since last year) will be open within the week. This is an open opportunity for everyone. I’m not sure who else will apply for that job. But still, a sliver lining is still a silver lining.

But is this the silver lining that I’m looking for and have been waiting for. Or is this just a temporary shade from the rain.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Survey 1

18 inches? Ang laki naman nun. Van, yung kabayo ba sa Eagle Ridge 18?

:: picture of sukiyaki2, that darn stuffed toy! Nilapa na sya ng aso ko.

:: define enough sleep. I slept around 4am and woke up around 5am.

:: ang shuttle.... baka ma-late ako! Nyeta!

:: Within reach... tissue... pampahid ng... sipon.

::no breakfast. minsan lunch lang. yosi as substitute for skipped meals.

:: grilled is more cancerous... i'll go for grilled!

:: i can turn on my apathetic-ness in just one minute!

:: di naman. may night vision ako!

:: sa labas ng bahay. sa may sampayan. hangout diba?

:: advil

:: Video iPod. Yung change, bayad ng credit card bills.

:: Sleepy na nga, makikinig pa ng music... ang labo naman ng survey na 'to!

:: death... di pa ako ready.

:: i'm a kidnapper! Haha!

:: David, DJ, Deej, Kuya, DVD... Kuya DVD DVD!

:: Anong connection nito sa buhay ko... hehehe... S.

:: uuuy.... secret.

:: Kare-Kare. May laman na, may sabaw pa!

:: right now? yung sa Biolink... wahaha...

:: Hmmmm... whatever's within reach. Siguro yung tissue sa bedside table. Wahahaha!

:: black

:: money/card clip (thanks Jona), cellphone, and my pouch bag.

:: doctor. default answer yan.

:nagyoyosi na ako nun sa labas

::Right now... bluish purple

:: Now? Katharine McPhee!!!!!!

:: teka tanungin natin sya... Life, musta na?

Epol Apol

You might be asking me - "Nasan na ang mga nakakatawa mong posts?"

I had a Semi-Busy week. Neverending data pop here, finalize presentation there. I'm stuck in my cube almost all day long! Well, except if i have to go out and smoke and eat lunch (yup, i've been holding my bladder whenever i could).

But here are some irritating stuff that happened this week. Actually, dalawa lang.

1. 7:00am WIF analysis
Parang awa naman, it's only 7am! I already explained it to you last Monday. Jesse explained last Monday. And now, at 7am, you want another explanation. Di ba usapan WW19! WW12 pa lang. After 10 minutes, umalis ka na, nanahimik na ang mundo ko. Pero, pucha, after 5minutes, tinawagan mo naman ako at nagpapa-WIF in 5mins. Kellogs.... bumalik ka na please. I believe mas okay ka ka-usap!

2. Ang Is-wit!
Peaches? Nag-evolve na si Apple. Sino ba si Apple? At paano naging Apple?

(DJ transforms to his old IECLUB BASHING MODE)

Hindi ko alam kung bakit Apple pero alam ko ang tawag namin sa kanya eh MANGGA (shape ng mangga... wahahaha... bad). And ang tawag namin sa kanila eh hobbits (pero mas mukha silang orcs). Iba ang kamandag ni Apple-Menggo (di mali spelling nyan, MENGGO talaga). Makamandag ang alindog ng mansanas ni eba. Wahahaha!

At ngayon... Peachy.... ano ba yan! So siya ba si Cream? Wahahaha. Ano 'to highschool?! Like Honey, Cupcake, Sugar, Turon, Nilupak... Hehehe.. ako meron din nyan. Si Tart (sweetheart - twitart - tart). Yikes!

Sa mga officemates ko... hehehe... bad talaga ako. It's a UP thing. A UP College of Engineering thing. Basta mga orgmates ko na nagwowork sa Intel ngayon eh okay... mga taga IECLUB (affiliated with Ateneo and DLSU). Yung isang org, ewan ko lang (non-affiliated to Ateneo and DLSU... never... wahaha). Member nila sina Peachy-Pie-my-face and look-at-my-mole-while-you-connect-the-dots. Dun sila sa kabilang org. The Org who-must-not-be-named (naks, parang Si Lord Voldemort).

Bad News... I Hope Not

No Focal DL done this week (from all IE sections). Why?

Baka daw may ma-badtrip before mag-team building.

If you're going to ask me, its better to have the PA dowloads BEFORE the teambuilding. Actually, it doesn't matter when the DL happens. People with IR/BE even S ratings will have a rough day if they don't get what they want.

Big question though, who will be IR/BE and who's getting that hefty increase (EE/O)? I'm hoping to get a big one this year. Need to pay the bills, eVAT is here to stay, and need to save money! 20-30% increase + grade level increase. Keep on wishing deej. Just keep on wishing!

Super Proxy 0-2

I miss my VBall team mates last year. In the Super Proxy group, only 5 of us were intact - Emong, Jay, Gelo, Sonny and I. Super Proxy became CMO + QnR + Flash IE. Not that i don't want to play with Pedro or super payat na Obong (no rice diet works), there's no chemistry. Gem and Bernie joined the Flash+ team, Jem on BBall, while Linver needs to focus on his project in Q2.

We lost the game with CNO. I don't know why (actually, alam ko... hehehe). The Super Proxy team has yet to find its much needed team chemistry.

AI5 - Top 11 Results Show

Before we go to the results, here are the links for the 2 MP3s in tonights show.

Ford Commercial - We Got The Beat.mp3
Barry Manilow - Love Is A Many Splender Thing.mp3

And the bottom 3 are: Lisa, Bucky and Kevin.
Unfortunately, our geeky friend got voted out.
We'll miss you Kevin Covais! Chicken Little Rules!
Here are Kevin's songs since the Top 24 started (i'll look for his audition mp3).

Top 11: Kevin Covais - When I Fall In Love
Top 12: Kevin Covais - Part-time Lover
Top 16: Kevin Covais - Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)
Top 20: Kevin Covais - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Top 24: Kevin Covais - One Last Cry

Chicken Little Dance: Numa Numa

Kevin's Audition

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

AI5 - Top 11 Performances

American Idol 5 – Top 11 Performances

Katahrine McPhee – Pimping hot diva!
Chirs Daughtry - Rock star idol

Seriously, I want Ace Young out.
And as for Little Miss Peckler. She did great in this round but ENOUGH with the acting.

Btw, Constantine and Ryan Cabrera watched the show tonight. I wonder if Constantine misses singing on the AI stage?

Enjoy the MP3s.

Ace Young - In The Still Of The Night
Kellie Pickler - Walkin' After Midnight
Elliott Yamin - Teach Me Tonight
Kevin Covais - When I Fall In Love
Taylor Hicks - Not Fade Away
Katharine McPhee - Come Rain or Come Shine
Chris Daughtry - I Walk The Line
Paris Bennett - Fever
Bucky Covington - Oh Boy
Mandisa - I Don't Hurt Anymore

*Alternate links from Idolshow forum
Mandisa - I Don't Hurt Anymore.mp3
Bucky Covington - Oh Boy.mp3
Paris Bennett - Fever.mp3
Chris Daughtry - I Walk The Line.mp3
Katharine McPhee - Come Rain or Come Shine.mp3
Taylor Hicks - Not Fading Away.mp3
Lisa Tucker - Why Do Fools Fall in Love.mp3
Kevin Covais - When I Fall In Love.mp3
Elliot Yamin - Teach Me Tonight.mp3
Kellie Pickler - Walking After Midnight.mp3
Ace Young - In The Still of the Night.mp3

Video Links from the Idolshow forum (LEFT Click. These are SAVEFILE Links)
Mandisa - I Don't Hurt Anymore.wmv
Bucky Covington - Oh Boy.wmv
Paris Bennett - Fever.wmv
Chris Daughtry - I Walk The Line.wmv
Katharine McPhee - Come Rain or Come Shine.wmv
Taylor Hicks - Not Fading Away.wmv
Lisa Tucker - Why Do Fools Fall in Love.wmv
Kevin Covais - When I Fall In Love.wmv
Elliot Yamin - Teach Me Tonight.wmv
Kellie Pickler - Walking After Midnight.wmv
Ace Young - In The Still of the Night.wmv

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

DJ Who?

Jowee, thanks for the Friendster Testi :)

JowEE Posted 03/20/2006
DJ...the person who refuses to slow down, and why the hell should he???

Living life in the fastlane is this guy's M.O. You'll only find him stop for coffee or smokes (preferably both at the same time)

One might say that if life is a dance floor...THEN IT'S ONE SUCKY TUNE WE'RE ALL DANCING TO...but DJ takes it all in stride. Strutting his stuff like there's simply no tomorrow

....and the cool thing is...he has every right to. After all, he has earned it!

DJ in a nutshell: "a whirlwind on activities running on meth...nah...make that high-fuckin-octane gas! He's got ice running through his veins!"

Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday Woohoo!


Battlestar Galactica Season 2 ended last week. The 20th episode was one of the best season enders I’ve watched. It makes you think of a lot of what-ifs for the next season.

But wait! BSG Season 3 will be back on October! WHAT!!!! October is like 7 months from now!

Anyway, I’d like to say goodbye and see you soon to my favorite characters:

Starbuck (Lt. Grace) – You look better with long hair. Halo – Sharon loves you. Sharon/Boomer – You’re a good cylon. Both you and Number 6. Number 6 – You’re one hot cylon! President Balthar – You’re such an asshole, you psycho! Admiral Adama – Shave that mustache in season 3 okay! Commander Lee Adama/Apollo – Good luck with Pegasus

And in memory for those who died in season 2 (especially Billy), you’ve done a good job in BSG. Until then, see you soon BSG. See you soon!


When 1 show ends (temporarily), 2 comes back. Prison Break will be back on March20! Wentworth Miller is back! The totally suspenseful TV show is back! OMG, after the last episode (that stupid pipe… grrrrrr), will they break out of prison? Just a thought, if they eventually break out of jail, I believe the TV show will end. Kasi nga Prison Break ang title ng show.

Alias season 5 will be back in April. This time, with the kick-ass Sydney Bristow back into high kicking action!


It’s one of the best One Tree Hill episode! The best in Season 3. It’s completely different from the regular plotlines of OTH. The show is about the different POVs of Highschool students.

This is such a big risk for the OTH production staff. Completely tapping to the consciousness of Highschool students, their parents and their teachers. Welcome to the gruesome world of American Highschool.

The jocks, the cheerleaders, the popular kids, the geeks, and the non-existents.

Why do we bully people in Highschool? Completely ignore the weird students? What goes in the minds of these students?

I’m guilty of bullying and making fun of a lot of people when I was in Highschool. You don’t need to psycho-analyze it.

“It’s Highschool, you just have to pass it.”
“Life gets better after Highschool”

Highschool. It’s the place where you’ll first learn no survive.

Now, not related to the episode’s theme… I love the Peyton + Lucas scene. Yeah, Brooke is a nice girl, but I love the rocker chick Peyton. And Dan Scott… YOU’RE SUCH AN ASSHOLE!


When 1266 comes to CV, the assembly area will change 360!Almost all of the tools need to be upgraded. All New Generation Tools. Then there’s the sprux module. WHAT?! This 1266 EI role that will open in the future, I have some advantages on getting this job. I;ve been working for assembly for almost 2 years. And since majority of changes will happen in assembly, they’ll need someone who’s been an A-IE for DP-Assy-Finish. Anyway, I still need to work on the Test-PPV-Burnin + Capacity part if I want to get this job.

IF I want to get this job….

Dear happy-pill-overdosed-goldfish in the algae infested aquarium,

First there was chuva, then chorva. What is sheda? Is sheda related to them? Trixy said that it’s the lingo for shut-up. Is it? Isn’t it?

Posted by DJ while watching "It's a Guy Thing" starring Julia Stiles

Raikkonen and Montoya

What is a pho-to-copier?

Elijah Wood On Your Lap

Look... it's Frodo!

Michael Owen on Your Lap

Michael Owen on your Lap.

Mariah On Your Lap

Diva on your lap....

Saturday, March 18, 2006


730-930am: Pushed out
I was scheduled to discuss the team structure transition package to the IE managers from the Intel ATM sites. I was scheduled to discuss my presentation around 8:10-8:30. Around 9:15, Alvaro told me that my presentation is pushed out next week. Really? Wahahaha. Sana nakinig na lang ako ng MP3s sa laptop ko.

3:00-4:00pm: Last minute issues
1 hour to go then Vince approached me. It seems that we have some problems in our EOL Lasers. After meeting Jean, i took my stopwatched and did a very quick tool time study. Then i run the analysis, had the results, and sent the report to those who need to know. I'm crossing my fingers that the tool is not meeting Jowell's MOR. Until today, i have this strange feeling that it's not the tool not meeting the MORs but Jowell's MOR being incorrect.

5:30-8:15pm: Yonah Celebration
Thank god it's the 2005 Yonah Celebration and not the Q1 2006 celeb. People screwed up in Q1. Anyway, the food was great, entertainment is not that bad (why do people love retro music?), and Edna Guevarra can find a new job doing as the emcee for kiddie parties and or in barrio fiestas!

Mabuhay ang Hari ng IE. Kumakain ang Hari ng IE. Bigyan ng Iced Tea ang Hari. hari, kinakain mo ba ang gulay mo.... Wahahahaha!

A thought from Trixy: Intel has a lot of employees. Filling up the whole gym with just 1 team from CMO.

My thoughts, mahirap mawala ang Intel. Almost 8,000 people will be out of work. Bwiset na government. The Vietnam Investments could have been ours!!!

Teka? Did KT just gave us the finger when we came in late for the Yonah Celbration?

8:30-1am: Toma mga repapips
Thanks to our sponsor, ang reyna ng IE, Ria Valino-Ayson. Sr. Pedro Chicken and 2 cases of san mig light. Momsie... dami ata nating problema ha? Hehehe.

A lot of topics were discussed over san mig lights. Sabi nga ni popsie (about his focal result): Intel Secret. The only way na malalaman mo kung ano yung mga pinag-usapan eh kapag sumama ka. Mahirap mawala sa gimmick. I wonder kung nagiging topic din ako pag wala ako sa inuman.... Alam ko oo. Okay lang.

Pero eto, siguro okay lang i-share. Sige clues lang :)
1. Sino si Kubabalu?
2. Si Jona... namboboso sa office. Inggit?
3. Di lang nag-iisa si Van. Andyan si Roxie and Bianca. Hahaha!
4. Si Trixy magaling magpalabas... ng bula sa San Mig.
5. Pag Bisaya ka, taga CS ka... di ba Trecksi?
6. May guhit din ang lalaki. Wahahaha!
7. Ano ang TTMM? Wahahahaha!

Until next post. See you folks! TTMM!


I like this song. Deep.


At sa aking pagkubli
hampas ng araw pagdamdam ng gabi
tulog ang iyong mga kamay
di nako makapag antay

isang umaga muling aahon
at sisikat sa mga panahon
na tayong pang dalawa masayang pagsasamabuo
ng araw ng pag-agos

kailan ang huling unos
di alam kung tatakbo
kusang lalayo sayo isang umaga muli ng pag-iisa walang mayakap at makasama
pusong pilit na sinugatan
landas kong karaniwan

Friday, March 17, 2006

Exit Strategy

I need to work on my exit strategy.

When will I use this exit plan? Not anytime soon. Or maybe, never. I'm not much of a planner. But i think i need to have one. Soon.

Anyway, our Focal results are already available. I'm just waiting for my download schedule. I hope to get a good one. Good reviews, ratings, +1 on my grade level, nice RSUs, etc.

But please, i don't want to hear the same lame scripts. Just get to the point.

I remember last year, while my boss was downloading my focal results, i was so sleepy. It's like forcing yourself to finish a movie that you don't want to watch at all since the plots are the same and the characters are lame.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Seriously, my time was wasted. Kainis!

I had a meeting from 8-930. Waste of time.
Then MOR validation from 9-12. The engineer moved it to 1-4. Seriously? I already cancelled my meetings from 9-12.
Then, around 1pm, the engineer moved it again... tomorrow! Seriously?

Accomplishments for the day
1. Merom upside what-if analysis
2. Answer emails, send meeting appointments



Vince told us that he's ready to download the Focal results. Who wants to go first? Doesn't matter, really. But not this week. Will I be O, EE, S? Hopefully not BE or IR. Yeah, i've been "naughty" last year. Pasaway nga yung term nila eh. But i had an excellent year in 2005.

Pag na BE or IR ako, patayan 'to.... SERIOUSLY!


Ang hirap naman. German version ng "Go The Distance." Di kaya ng google.
So Tristan pala ha. Iam/Arlene, i think bata pa si Tristan. Sorry, ala na yung pics niya sa digi-album nung friend ko na si Niccolo.


Sana nagbabasa ka ng presentations.
Sana tignan mo muna yung email na sinusulat mo.

Seriously? Akala mo ba ako pa yung mapapahiya.
Seriously? April 1 ang meeting. SABADO YUN!

Hay naku. Mas okay pa ata si Kellogs sa'yo.


Sad news. Di pumasa yung abstracts ko sa IMEC 2006.
Sana mapasama na lang ako sa list ng delegates.


I need a career shift. NOW. Seriously, I'm bored!

Last year, i told Lenny and Jesse that as much as possible, I do not want routine-type jobs. The only way i can survive this type of jobs are through projects. Pero parang wala pang mga projects.

Career shift. Internal. External. Problem is pag Internal, around late Q2 ko pa malaman. Pag external, tight ang competition kasi madaming RCGs.

Bahala na.

Sabi nga ni Jona, "wala ng drive."


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ang Wafu Ko!

Wala lang...

Vote for Gege and Rico. Tanggalin na si Zanjoe and John Pratts!

Bakit full name dapat si John Pratts? Maikli masyado pag John lang.

Pag 1 syllable lang ang name mo, dapat kasama surname. Or dapat may nickname ka na at least 2 syllables. Like:

Instead of Ice, Popsie na lang.
Instead of Raf, gawing Amo Raf.
Instead of Mel, tawagin si Ate Mel.
Instead of Jay, dapat Jay Santos. Or Fernando (parang telenovela).


Fix You

To download, just Right Click and Save As

para sa mga may problema dyan. heart broken, lonely, nasa quarter life crisis, malungkot, walang maka-usap.

Fix You

When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
and ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

High up above or down below
when you're too in love to let it go
but If you never try you'll never know
Just what your worth

Lights will guide you home
and ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Tears streaming down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears streaming down your face and I

Tears streaming down your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down your face and I

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Geek in Pink

It started with the glasses. I bought clear reading-anti-glare glasses last February. Looking at my laptop monitor gives me headaches. So i bought glasses. Those black plastic ones. Nice :)

Now i think i need to get braces. I'll ask my dentist next week, get some consult. She actually told me a year ago that i might need one. It's been a year. I think i need to have them NOW!

Crap (in Ben Drevet's tone)!

So one day, i'll wear a pink preppy shirt, put my glasses on, and flash a metalic smile (literally). I'll be Intel's "Geek in Pink!" Wahahaha!

I'll post my pic AFTER i get my braces.

Bonfire Party... anyone?

Omigod omigod omigod (in different tones). Is it summer already? Summer means beaches, and out of town gimmicks. The hot sun, grains of sand between your toes, tan lines and deep blue clear waters.

I was unable to go to Bora last year. Personal reasons. How about this year? Haha! Nah, can we find some other un-commercialized beach resort. We can make our own bonfire party!

Let's start on March 21-22. Somewhere in Batangas. Bonfire party on the 21st, no-non-sense fun on the 22nd.

Leave a nice tip

Never disrespect the people who serves your food. After reading some posts from Waiterrant and watching the movie "Waiting," I'll never throw bitchy tantrums and would leave a nice tip (15% folks). Well, except if they give away stuffed animals and ask you to pay for it!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Anong meron ang taong happy?

Meet Sukiyaki 2, the stuffed toy that goes with your bottomless iced tea. Warning sa mga kumakain sa Sukiyaki sa Alabang. The stuffed animal is not free. Bottomless iced tea = P60, pag may toy P160. Talo pa ang Happy Meal sa McDo. Karma karma karma. Waaaaaaah!

Anong meron ang taong happy?
More energy mas happy?

When we were in highschool, may popular kids, the bullies and the geeks. In college, may org-wars. Tapos within each org, may mga different types of groups pa. And so i thought na wala ng mga "classes" or "groups" when I joined Intel. Pucha, meron pa rin pala.

I'm not entirely sure, pero i think i'm part of the popular/cool group. Mga bullies din kami. Then there's the other group who plans out their secret getaways. Di ko alam kung bakit? Iba lang siguro yung definition nila ng "fun" and WLE. Then there's what I call the "floaters." Yung kahit saang group pwede sumama. And mas naging visible itong mga sputnik gang during the IE Happy Hour.

Di ko lang maintindihan ha? Siguro mas all out kami magpakasaya. Hindi madaling mapikon. Mas ma-action ang mga gimmick. Ewan.


Lunch time, bigla na lang sumama sa amin si Gilbert. And so i thought na uptight ang CMO MFG MGR. Di pala. Hangal din. Playing the role of Mr. Cupido, he's trying to pair up Raf and Beth.

Pagkulot si Raf
Pagsingkit si Wei
Pagmaitim si Donnely
Pag..... Wahahaha... Buti na lang di nadulas si Raf!

"Love, kumain ka na?"


WW12.3. Walang pasok sa Cavite. Gusto ko mag beach or kahit saan. Mid-week gimmick. Kahit paintball. Or drive tayo sa Batangas.


Please lang ha. Wag na papuntahin dito ang mga taga Pudong. Talk about cost cutting?! Basta di ko yan bisita. Naku, babalik si "the Grudge" sa CV. Nyaha!


Si Van. Mahilig sa animals. Ngayon ko lang nalaman. Peace bebe!


"Ang wafu mo" Sino ba tong YM ng YM sa akin? Ayaw naman magpakilala pag nagrereply ako. I asked kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng "wafu." Gwapo daw. hahaha. Wafu daw ako. O sya, shine na.


Sayaw ako Check mo, Check ko.
Sasayaw si Van ng Sakto.
Tapos si Jona, shine shine shine.
Eh sinong sasayaw ng Milkshake? Any volunteers? Wahahaha


Gray's Anatomy will be shown in Studio 23. Thank God (omigod omigod omigod... hehehe) Jay downloads the GA episodes. And i'm done on the Season 2 Episode 18. Sino gusto humiram, i have season 1 (9 episodes) and season 2 (12 episodes) on AVI format. Kainis na tong si Meredith Gray. I hate her for hurting geeky George. Meredith = Marissa Cooper (The OC). Paawa effect bitches.

Charmed Season 8 on Studio 23. Hehehe... I'm on the 16th episode na. Ang weird na ng story, promise.

Smallville season 5 din on 23. Well, gusto niyo ba malaman kung ano na nangyayari (again, thanks to Pirata Jay). Chloe now knows Clark's identity, Namatay si Jonathan Kent (very sad episode), and let's include Lana Lang sa ranks nila Meredith and Marissa. May episode din with Aquaman. Ang saya saya ng Smallville.

Alias Season 5 on 23. I think na pagstart ng new season sa 23, magcocontinue na ulit yung 2nd half ng season 5 sa US. Spolier. Vaughn got killed!

Other shows like Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer. So-so tv show but I love Supernatural. And i love Jenifer Love Hewitt's boobies. Wahahaha.


American Idol 5. Isipin mo, pasok pa si Chicken Little. He'll be the underdog together with Melissa McGee. My top 5 bets: Katharine McPhee-ver (vocals, and she's pretty), Mandisa (ang AI5 finalist na walang surname), Ace Young (the neew constantine), Chris Doughtry (i think he's better than Bo Bice) and possibly Taylor Hicks (the soul train). I don't like Paris Bennett. Lisa Tuker is okay but I don't like her song choices. Kellie Pickler is cute.


Antok na ko. Sleep na Wafu DJ. kailangan matulog para more energy. More energy mas happy!

By the way, pahanap naman ng song ni Zanjoe Merudo. Yung "Chill." Wahahaha!

Friday, March 10, 2006

On Call

The Philippines is now becoming a call-center nation.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Just my personal observation. Why work at a call center?

I was interviewed at Convergys Makati. Actually, I just tried it out. Some prep-interview. Practice. Hahaha! The practical exam was weird. I was asked to answer a call, work with the simulation program. Call-center nga.

The pay is good for a call center job. Patayan nga lang sa oras since most call centers are on grave yard shifts. I believe that the minimum salary is 15K + commissions when you have outgoing calls (aka telemarketing).

Skills? Well, basic English, good enough accent, logic. Maybe if you want to be the team leader, you need some people and leadership skills.

Pero, for me, this is a brain drain job for degree holders. This is a good temp job though.

I earned my BS degree. I majored in IE. 5 years in college (muntik na mag 6 years).

But who’s to blame? How many jobs are available for college grads. Most companies only hire top grads. Grads from UP AdMU DLSU. Madaming opening sa local companies but if you compare salaries, fresh grads might prefer call center jobs.

I don’t have anything against call centers or call center “agents.” But you just have to think for a second. Aim high. Nasasayangan lang talaga ako. Yeah, usually it’s about the money. Pero sayang lang talaga. Okay lang as a temp job. Or maybe after 6months, you’ll get a higher position (team leader or something). But sooner or later, you’ll be “stuck” in this call center industry and it will be hard to go to other industries.

Again, there’s nothing wrong in working for a call center company. But call centers are the hyped brain drain companies. You don’t need a college degree to be in a call center.

are you having fun?

When I was in college, my BA115 professor asked the class which one will we prioritize after college – Career or Social Life? I told myself that I can do both, but if I really have to prioritize one, it will be my career.

I’m not that uptight. I do hang-out with my co-workers, Friday night movies, kapehan after. I may not be part of a yuppie group but I do have fun with my officemates. Having fun is subjective. Some people may want to sped their weekends playing sports, or having a DVD marathon, or even spending it with a good novel. Again, subjective.

So yes, I do have fun.





Work Week Ten

I just bummed my way around work this week. Analyze this, what-if that. It’s the same. And I’m really getting bored! It’s not that exciting anymore. This is not the first time that I have to deal with tool degradations and weird what-if analysis. I really need to know when and where I will go after being an operations IE for almost 2 years. Everyone already had new jobs: Van in RRP/GP, Jona in Conroe NPI, Philip moved from GP to Operations IE, Migs from Test to ATM then back to CMO. Me? I’m still stuck in the corner doing the same analysis over and over again.

Since last year, after Jesse left for Merom, I told myself that I’ll be the next EIT IE. I made networks and met new partners in the VF so that I can have that “edge” when the Penryn IE opens up. Everything was planned. I took the Chair in our JIT so that people from ATD and AO will know who the “go-to” person is when they need to talk to CPU folks. I had connections with the system folks for VF projects. I worked with CPU finance (I really don’t like working with them), with ATD IEs, with EITs. But right now, I’m not sure if these can still help me out. No f*cking idea.

The Penryn IE position will be in jobs online, soon. The project will be from June to November (or July to December). I’m taking a big risk on this position. I maybe the youngest EIT. All I can do is to wait for the open req, apply for it, and hope that I get the job.

Okay, so that’s Plan A. If it fails (I hope not!), then I just have to wait for the GLs and Ria to decide where to put me. I already told Vince that I want to get a new job. Sometime in Q3 or earlier. But the question is, will I like the job?

I really need to talk to Vince next week. I need to know their plans for me. I really need to get a new job!

Oh well.




Tuesday, March 07, 2006


2 weeks. Almost 2 weeks lang pala. Eto bored na ako. Naalala ko tuloy yung panahon na naghahanap ako ng trabaho. Nag-aabang sa tawag ng mga kumpanyang inapply-an ko. Gusto ko ng pumasok sa office.

Wala din akong masulat sa blog ko. Nakakatamad gumawa ng mga film reviews kasi lahat ng napanood ko, gusto ko. Okay lahat eh. Syriana, Transamerica, etc. Okay naman yung Oscars kahapon (pero mas maganda yung mga past Oscar ceremonies). Ang galing ng "the Crash." Natalo nya ang Brokeback Mountain. Actually, maganda naman talaga ang ang "the Crash." Iba talaga pag indie-film.

Pasok na ako sa Thursday. Actually, bukas parang pwede na, pero nahihilo pa ako eh. So Thursday na lang. Pahinga pa. Konti pa.

Arlene? Sure ka na 175 lang yung disc? Parang ang mura? Sana tama yung nabili mo... baka Golf discs yun :) Hehehehe :)

Nga pala, i quit smoking (temporarily). Malamang around summer, balik yosi. Pero medyo bawas na. Konti lang. Di na siguro ~1pack a day. Mga 1 pack every 3 days siguro. hahahaha! "I wish I knew how to quit you!"

So eto, nayayamot na ako. Sobra. Miss ko na yung mga tao sa office. Yung trabaho, di ko nami-miss. Kasi paulit-ulit din naman yang mga gagawin ko. Yung mga tao ang na-mimiss ko (hindi lahat, yung iba lang). Nanganak na kaya yung nag pa AI? Naka-trenchcoat pa rin ba si Spongebob kahit summer? May sleeveless trenchcoat kaya? Malay ko? Ang tagal kong absent. Wahahahaha!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mumbo Jumbo

daydreaming. eto ang ginagawa ng isang bum. while recovering from last week, aside from watching DVDs, i stare at the ceiling. daydreaming. i daydream too much. sobra. wahahaha!

i think that this is a good time for me to think about what i want to happen in my life. sayang nga lang, sa bahay lang ako mag-mumuni-muni. haaay. nakakapagod mag-isip.

i'll let you know kung ano na ang mga naisip ko. puro kalokohan lang naman. wahahaha. let's see if something good will come out of it. sana meron. Wahahahaha!

Friday, March 03, 2006

getting sick ain't fun

since last week, i was feeling kinda drowsy and sick. i took friday off and rested. then i went to the hospital last sunday. pucha, na-dengue ako!

what is dengue? ask google. basta right now, i'm okay! just got home from the hospital. checked my office emails (600++ emails!) and said hi to jona. i won't be back to work sa monday. MAYBE (a very big maybe) i'll be back on Wednesday or Thursday. Miss na nila ako dun, wala ng magulo (well, andun pa naman si Van, Jona and Jowell).

haaaay! Natapos ang WW09 na wala ako. WW10. Will i be missed? Hehehe. I'm actually waiting for some email in WW10. Sana kahit 1 of my abstracts be chosen sa IMEC (Intel MFG Excellence Conference). Wish-wish.

Arlene. If nagbabasa ka ng blog ko, i'll pay the frisbee when i get back to work. Okay lang na walang red, i'll just get the blue one :)