Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Zupped Deej?

Zupped - Ewan ko ba kung anong ibig sabihin nito. Tanong natin kay La Aunor. Hehehe...

My past posts, usually puro about MP3s, quotes, movie reviews. I know, may naghahanap ng update tungkol sa madrama kong buhay. Hehehe... Ka-miss ba? I stopped bitchin' about my job kasi medyo "light" naman (except ngayong week na 'to). I'm just gathering all the projects that i want to work on then it's game on.

I finished my monthly report today. Ang haba. Ang daming projects. And that's a good sign na may value pa ako. Wahahaha! May mga interesting projects that i really want to be part of like the project being led by Mike Viera.

Right now, I'm coordinating with wonderboy Norman "Normy" Lapid, Po and Mam Aura. It's about the "in-house" trainings for Intel IEs. I hope to get good proposals from them. OR. Operations Research. I wonder kung sinong magtuturo. Wala na si Liwanag (bwiset na prof, nagdidilim lang paningin ko), wala na si Lowell. Sana si Normy. Teacher Normy!

Daming available projects sa VF. I know i can't get involved to all of them. 1 or 2 projects will do. I'm still working on it, how to be part of the team. Thank God that I'm chairing our JIT, the exposure really helped.

Intel Sportsfest will start in March. Volleyball! New team. Actually, dagdag lang sina Peter sa team namin. Team name: Superproxy. Wala na kaming maisip na team name eh. Aside from VBall, I'll be joining the IE Badminton team (teka Van, may slot pa ba?).

Oh crap. Hahaha. I remember our meeting last monday with Ben "Robot" Drevet. Ang saya di ba. Inaantok lang yan. Oh shhh.... shhh.... oh crap!

I updated my Friendster page. More pics. Pero wala pa yung studio shot (calling Niccolo Cosme!!!!).

It's now WW08.2. Can't believe na patapos na ang Q1. Oh no. OMG! The EIT IE req will be open soon and i'm still behind on the trainings that i need (trainings done = zero). Huhummm... Sino pa kaya mag-aapply? I need to turn my radar on. Sino sino sino? I don't want to be an Area IE anymore (hanggang end of Q2 lang ang usapan). I have to check JobsOnline tomorrow.

Whew! Kapagod na week. Pero di pa naman ako super (duper) stressed. Wednesday pa lang bukas. Haaaay. I need to file my VL.

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